17 February 2018 at 10.00 - 13:00

This practice involves a simple technique that opens up the full potential of the breathing system for a better physical health and emotional wellbeing. This breathing practice is a self-healingmodality. The technique helps to integrate suppressed emotions and feelings through the process of re-experiencing them within the breathing practice. It is a regular breathing practice that has been known to eliminate sickness, addiction, psychosomatic illness, stress, depression, trauma and many other disorder. By increasing our breath we increase our life and can access more energy. Breath is also the main way for our body to detoxify.

What we learn during workshop:

- Basic spiritual knowledge about feelings

- Understanding the relation with the five elements

- Understanding trauma (psychosomatic understanding)

- Understanding the concept of thoughts

- Breathing technique and expectation (Biodynamic & Holotrophic approach)

- Additional art-drawing insight integration

- Sharing, settle down & Understanding

MAX 10 participants

Rp 375.000 IDR/ person

Space Booking is recommended

For more information please contact yoga@serenityecoguesthouse.com