24 November 2017 at 19.00-21.00


Salsa is moving meditation

People have always embraced music, rhythm and dance and us modern folk are no exception. When we dance, we absorb the rhythm and melody. Then we respond and are able to disconnect from everyday life. What better way to experience the stress-relieving benefits of meditation without even realising!

What is the benefit of Moving meditation "Salsa":

* Reduce stress

* Increase energy

* Improve strength

* Increase muscle tone and coordination

* Lower your risk of coronary heart disease

* Decrease blood pressure

* Help you manage your weight

* Strengthen the bones of your legs and hips
* Builds endurance and stamina

* Helps with weight loss

* Relieves stress

* Helps you release toxins via sweating

* May help lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels

* Can lead to a reduced heart rate over time

About the workshop:
- Salsa basic footwork
- following and leading technique
- partner work
- musicality and style

About The Teacher


A well-known member of the Latin social dance scene in Bali, a talented Dancer, performer and a Yogini, Nia impresses the dance floor. She won several line dance competition and we were very proud of her in May 2015 and July 2017, when she returned with the first place at Universal Line dance competition. With her Yoga and dancing skill, Nia will give you a taste of moving to the rhythm with STYLE and charisma, bringing your hidden dancing skill to the surface

Early Bird Rp 200.000 IDR/ person, Normal Price Rp 250.000 IDR/ person

Space Booking is recommended